Over the past 2 years, we’ve accomplished some great things, and have built the foundation for a promising young professional network in Philadelphia.

  • Monthly network meetings, over 40 YLC members and growing.
  • 1st Annual Preakness Party ($7k raised for JDRF research).
  • 2nd largest YLC Walk team in the nation ($21k raised for JDRF research).
  • Numerous fundraising and JDRF activities supported by YLC members in and around greater Philadelphia.

In January 2013 a small group of dedicated YLC members got together to layout a framework for 2013, and I’m excited to share some of those changes and new opportunities with you.

  1. Transition YLC leadership from a President/officer to a Steering Committee model.  The role and expectations of our YLC president have evolved over time, and without a consistent support team, it has become a somewhat larger obligation than we expected.  So we are going to try a Steering Committee model, where all YLC’ers interested in having a leadership role (as opposed to a participation role) are invited to attend Steering Committee meetings and have a say on the direction of the group.  For the meantime, I was asked to serve in an interim role as a committee chair, however, I am eager to assist a new wave of upcoming leaders to this group.
  2. Separate our “business” meetings from our social gatherings, and “talk shop” every other month.  Our intentions were spot on: why not do good while having fun?  Such was the idea of hosting monthly meetings at a different bar or restaurant to achieve both “business” discussions and socialize with friends.  What we’ve heard is that the business talk dominated the time and attention of the meeting, and the social setting made it difficult to get much done.  Likewise, those that were otherwise interested in meeting every month were discouraged by one element or the other, and limited their attendance.  So we’re trying a new approach.  Every other month, we will host a Steering Committee meeting, open to all, with the intentions of discussing the direction and operational matters of the YLC.  All are welcome and encouraged.  Separately, we will host social/philanthropic/fundraising events without the need for a “meeting”.
  3. Use off-months to host/execute T1D focused events.  We’ve lost touch on an important element of YLC: provide the support network for young professional T1Ds in Philly.  This year, we are committed to hosting/executing at least 2 T1D focused events that promise to be fun, but also rewarding for those who live with T1D everyday.
  4. Focus our fundraising efforts to just 2 key events a year.  Short and sweet; limit our focus and do a few things really well.  A lot of us have shared great ideas for fundraising over the past year, but all require time, resources, planning, and execution.  So as a group, lets just pick 2 and make them a success.  We think this approach will help us keep focus on the big picture of YLC, and advance our progress in other equally important areas.